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The tulip bulbs are cooled. After cooling we place them onto small spikes in crates. Then they go to the rooting cells.

Rooting cell

Here we let the crates fill up with water. As one crate overflows, the excess water flows into the next one. This process continues until the water has flowed right down to the bottom layer and the last crate has been filled. The bulbs remain here for about 2 weeks until the roots grow.

Multiple layer system day 1

When they leave the rooting cells the tulips go directly into the multilayer system. This area is kept at 17ºC; the ideal growing temperature.  The tulips stay here for 1 week. We operate a ‘first in first out’ system, so as soon as 1 crate enters the bottom rack, 1 container exits at the top and goes into the greenhouse. This allows us to give the bulbs fresh water every other day, which is important for the growing process.

Multiple layer system day 7

After 6 days the crate on the top layer is passed under a suction system which removes the caps. At the same time the bulbs are again given fresh water. On day 7 we bring the crate down and transfer it to the greenhouse.

Greenhouse day 1

In the greenhouse, the bulbs are given fresh water and as much fresh air as possible. When the sun shines, the greenhouse screens open to enable the tulips to grow as well as possible.

Greenhouse day 14

After 2 weeks the tulip has grown enough to go to the picking hall. This decision is made manually as we want to assess the ripeness of the tulips as well as possible.


The tulips stay in the picking hall for about 3 days before they are picked. The picking hall can be cooled if necessary.


Usually we tie the tulips into bunches of 10. We make sure that the flower heads are all even so they look their best when they are in the vase. The flowers then go either to the flower auction to directly to the traders.

Come and have a look

If you would like to know more about our nursery, please feel free to pay us a visit. We would be happy to give you a guided tour. Call Michiel Kruijer on +31 (0)6 133 809 13 or email him at to make an appointment.

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